This document defines project governance for the project.


The Cortex project employs voting to ensure no single member can dominate the project. Any maintainer may cast a vote. To avoid having a single company dominate the project, at most two votes from maintainers working for the same company will count.

For formal votes, a specific statement of what is being voted on should be added to the relevant github issue or PR, and a link to that issue or PR added to the maintainers meeting agenda document. Maintainers should indicate their yes/no vote on that issue or PR, and after a suitable period of time, the votes will be tallied and the outcome noted.

Changes in Maintainership

New maintainers are proposed by an existing maintainer and are elected by a 2/3 majority vote.

Maintainers can be removed by a 2/3 majority vote.

Approving PRs

PRs may be merged after receiving at least two positive votes. If the PR author is a maintainer, this counts as a vote.

Github Project Administration

Maintainers will be added to the collaborators list of the Cortex repository with “Write” access.

After 6 months a maintainer will be given “Admin” access to the Cortex repository.

Changes in Governance

All changes in Governance require a 2/3 majority vote.

Other Changes

Unless specified above, all other changes to the project require a 2/3 majority vote. Additionally, any maintainer may request that any change require a 2/3 majority vote.