How to run the website locally

The Cortex documentation is compiled into a website published at These instructions explain how to run the website locally, in order to have a quick feedback loop while contributing to the documentation or website styling.

Initial setup

The following initial setup is required only once:

  1. Install Hugo (extended version)
    • Look for value of HUGO_VERSION in build-image/Dockerfile.
  2. Install Node.js v14 or above (alternatively via nvm)
  3. Install required Node modules with:
    cd website && npm install && cd -
  4. Install embedmd v1.0.0:
    go install
  5. Run make BUILD_IN_CONTAINER=false web-build

Run it

Once the initial setup is completed, you can run the website with the following command. The local website will run at http://localhost:1313/

# Keep this running
make web-serve

Whenever you change the content of docs/ or markdown files in the repository root / you should run:

make BUILD_IN_CONTAINER=false web-pre

Whenever you change the config file or CLI flags in the Cortex code, you should rebuild the config file reference documentation:

make BUILD_IN_CONTAINER=false doc web-pre