gRPC storage plugin

This feature is currently experimental and is only supported for Chunks storage (deprecated).

Cortex chunks storage supports a gRPC-based plugin system to use alternative backends for the index and chunks store. A store plugin is a gRPC-based server which implements the methods required by the index and chunks store. Cortex chunks storage schema is then configured to use the plugin as backend system and gRPC will be used to communicate between Cortex and the plugin. For example, if you’re deploying your Cortex cluster on Kubernetes, the plugin would run as a sidecar container of your Cortex pods and the Cortex’s -grpc-store.server-address should be configured to the endpoint exposed by the sidecar plugin (eg. localhost:<port>).

How it works

In the cortex configuration file, add store and object_store as grpc-store and configure storage with plugin server endpoint (ie. the address to the gRPC server which implements the cortex chunk store methods).

  - from: 2019-07-29
    store: grpc-store
    object_store: grpc-store
    schema: v10
      prefix: index_
      period: 168h
      prefix: chunk_
      period: 168h

    # gRPC server address
    server_address: localhost:6666

Community plugins

The following list shows Cortex storage plugins built and shared by the community:

  1. gRPC based Cortex chunk store for Mongo
  2. gRPC based Cortex chunk store for Mysql